Benefits of Corporate Rentals in Albany: Hotels vs. Apartments

Corporate Rentals Are Better Than Extended Stay HotelsIf you have salespeople or other employees who travel constantly on business and who need to stay in a city for an extended length of time…

Or if you’re the one traveling and working in a city for weeks on end, should you choose to live in a hotel (such as the extended stay types) or in a corporate apartment?

Naturally, here at the Lofts at Harmony Mills, we vote for apartments. But hear us out regarding why we think corporate rentals in Albany trump hotels:

  • Many extended-stay-type hotels don’t provide exercise rooms or gyms for guests; The Lofts at Harmony Mills does.
  • Hotels may not provide secure underground parking. The Lofts at Harmony Mills offers indoor, covered parking.
  • Some corporate rental hotels don’t provide swimming pools; The Lofts at Harmony Mills has an indoor pool as well as spa.
  • In fact, if an extended-stay-type hotel has a fitness center and business center, access often is restricted to certain times of the day. Not at Harmony Mills Lofts: we provide 24/7 access to our fitness and business centers. You can work out or do some work anytime of the day or night.
  • Hotels often have bare-bones lobbies or lounges. Corporate apartment rentals here at Harmony Mills mean you have 24/7 access to our gorgeous resident lounge (complete with kitchen).
  • Most extended-stay hotels offer laundry facilities, but our apartments offer washer and dryers in every unit! No need to worry that someone’s going to decide that your dress shirt is just too great not to snatch from the dryer while you’re not there.
  • Most corporate rental hotels provide guests with linens (and for an extra fee, you can have your linens changed every day). We can’t provide laundry service, but our furnished corporate apartments do come with fully-stocked and comfortable queen-sized beds!
  • Finally, staying in an extended-stay hotel feels as if you’re staying in a hotel. Staying in a corporate apartment with us here at the Lofts at Harmony Mills is like living in your own apartment. In other words, it’s home.

We provide corporate apartment leases from one month to one year. Contact us at (518) 237- 6518, or send us an e-mail via our online contact form. We look forward to telling you more about the benefits of the Lofts at Harmony Mills’ corporate apartment rentals!

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