5 Tips for Finding Free Moving Boxes

Moving is expensive: you’ll need to place a deposit on an Albany apartment, you’ll have to rent a moving van and/or pay someone to pack the van and possibly drive it to your new home. And more.
And then there are the moving boxes!

It’s amazing how expensive these cardboard carriers can be: the boxes themselves can cost upwards of at least $2 each. If you need 50 to 75 boxes to move into an apartment, that could cost between $100 and $150 just for boxes. That amount doesn’t count the cost of purchasing tape, bubble wrap, etc.

What’s more, $2 per box is just for smaller boxes; the price goes up as the size of the box grows. A box for moving your clothing (known as a wardrobe box; it comes with a bar for hanging your clothes) can be $10 and up, depending on how many you purchase (the price per unit lowers the more boxes you purchase).

But there are ways to find moving boxes that will cost you nothing but your time in the hunt and probably driving to pick the free boxes up. Read more for five tips to help you score free moving boxes.

1.    Social media. Let your friends, coworkers and other know you’re moving and could use some boxes. They’ll more than likely be a wealth of knowledge regarding who has some boxes to provide you.Moving Tips
2.    Check Craigslist or Freecycle. On Craigslist, go to the page for your particular city or region and head to the “Free” section of the “For Sale” category. You’ll likely see many moving boxes listed there. (Consider reposting them on Craigslist or Freecycle once you’re finished moving.)
3.    Ask around at work. In particular, head down to the loading dock or to the procurement department and ask to see if they have boxes that once held copy paper, coffee cups, office supplies, and so on.
4.    Call a store and ask when you can pick up any of its unwanted boxes. Most stores simply take empty boxes and crush them, but if you can get there beforehand….
5.    When moving in an apartment building or development, check with the leasing office prior to your move. The staff members there will know when someone is either in the process of moving in or has just unpacked boxes. You can go meet the person and a) get some moving boxes and b) make a new friend.

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