Apartments in Albany With Indoor Covered Parking

If you live in Upstate New York (where the Lofts at Harmony Mills are located in Cohoes, NY), then you’re going to experience winter. As in Winter with a capital W and italicized. It will be cold (the average temperature January-February is 27 degrees F). It will snow (the average snowfall total each month December-February is 15.5”).

But your winter – as least as far as your car is concerned – is a breeze if you park it in indoor covered parking, such as we offer here at the Lofts.

Imagine it. Your co-workers tell you tales all winter long about how they have to get up earlier on days it snows to make sure the car is dug out, the windshield and windows are ice-free, and the car’s engine turns over.

Albany Apartments With Covered Parking

You? You just walk down to your car and turn it on (as if it were June and not January). The engine turns over. You put the car in gear, release the break, check for traffic in the parking garage, pull out of your space and head for the garage entrance.

Once there, because the sidewalks have been cleared by the Loft’s terrific maintenance team, you pull out of the driveway and – so long as Cohoes’ city snow removal team have made their way to North Mohawk Street and the others that surround our complex – make your merry way to work.

What if the roads haven’t yet been cleared but you need to make it to the market? Once again, our maintenance team has cleared the sidewalks outside the Loft’s buildings, making it safe for you to take a walk safely in the winter wonderland.

You don’t need to fire up the snowblower or take hold of a snow shovel and heft shovelfuls of snow for hours on end. Nope, not you. Should your workplace call a snow day, you can make some hot cocoa, turn on the television or Netflix streaming and enjoy a day of classic movie or football watching.

Want to leave the snow worries to others? Talk to one of our leasing agents about becoming a part of the Lofts at Harmony Mills family. Contact us today!

Find out how living at The Lofts makes winter easier!

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