Albany Apartments with Views of the Mohawk River

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Donnelly

Mohawk River: Former Transportation Hub, Now Major Nature and Recreational Opportunity

The Mohawk River – of which many Harmony Mills apartments have terrific views – is the largest tributary of the mighty Hudson River. In fact, the Mohawk and Hudson converge in Cohoes, your new hometown when you lease an apartment in Harmony Mills Lofts.

The Hudson gets all the “press,” but the Hudson wouldn’t be The Hudson without the Mohawk.

One of the first things the Dutch did as they established their township and settlements in the 1600s in what they then called New Netherland was choosing a settlement site where the Mohawk meets the Hudson (near where Cohoes is today). But getting to the Mohawk from the Hudson was hard and dangerous, due to the Cohoes Falls, which cross the Mohawk almost where it meets the Hudson.

A handful of intrepid Dutch explorers made their way up the Mohawk, eventually founding a community that eventually would become the modern-city of Schenectady.

But the Mohawk’s big debut as a help with trade for the settler and others like them via the Hudson, was the building of the Erie Canal (which ran along the Mohawk for a bit more than 100 miles) in the early 1800s, thereby connecting Albany with Buffalo on Lake Erie. Which meant that the massive interior of the land that would eventually become the Great Lakes Region of the United States opened to even more settlers. The Hudson and the Erie Canal portion of the Mohawk allowed settlers to deliver and receive goods to and from New York City.

The Mohawk is 149 miles long and its days as a major means of transporting goods along it are long gone. But the Mohawk continues to play an important role in the life of the Capital Region, mainly as a gorgeous recreational site, due to the many hiking and bicycling trails, as well as opportunities for recreational boating and fishing.

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