Studio Apartments in Albany

Studio Apartments in AlbanyIf you are interested in finding Studio Apartments in Albany, we’ve got a great selection for you to choose from. We have studio apartments in both our South Lofts and West Lofts. Take a look at these floor plans and then check our availability. We’d be pleased to schedule a tour with you so you can see for yourself the amenities we offer, get a feel for the location and its proximity to your current employment.

The Studio Apartments we have range from 705 square feet to 1,020 square feet and are usually described as a one room apartment that includes a bedroom, kitchen, dining and living room areas with full bathroom.

Studio Apartment Price Range:

$900 – $1150 per month

Our selection of Studio Apartments in Albany:


If you would like to see one of our studio apartment varieties, contact us!

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